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Counterfeit R4 Cards on the Rise – Millions of Consoles at Risk

Press release February 19, 2013 IT

Epidigit Warns of the Hidden Dangers of Bargain-Basement R4 and 3DS Cards

Leading consumer technology specialist Epidigit has reiterated an early warning to the gamers of the UK not to fall foul of questionable brands offering fraudulent and cloned R4 and 3DS Cards for the sake of their consoles. The company has been inundated as of late with calls from distressed gamers with damaged or frankly destroyed hardware, having sources an R4 or 3ds card from a lesser-quality provider for a seemingly bargain price.

The advice from Epidigit is simple – insist on the genuine article from a retailer of known reputation or be prepared to face the consequences.

Knowing the Risks

The r4 card is all-too often misinterpreted as a relatively simple and straightforward piece of kit, which does little other than bridge the gap between microSD and DS console. True as the latter point may be, there is nothing simple or straightforward about the way these cards work and creating safe and valid examples is an involved and painstaking process.

What must never be forgotten is the way in which these cards interact with the DS itself both virtually in terms of data and physically in the way of electronic circuits. As such, not only is data corruption a real possibility, but take home a severely poor-quality clone and there is every chance of an instantaneous and rather dangerous short-circuit that could render the DS as a whole useless.

Why Cut Corners?

Given the fact that the very best R4 Cards on the market today from the better-known sources are not exactly what you’d call heavy investments, it begs the question as to why so many are willing to cut corners and risk their consoles to save literally a few pounds at best. Nevertheless, this is exactly what is happening each and every day and likely to grow as a problem in 2013 as fraudulent cards and suppliers multiply further.

An R4 or 3DS Card can offer the kind of unlimited scope for fun, enjoyment and experimentation that no standard console game alone ever could. Surely, therefore, it’s worth trusting Epidigit and only ever going for the real deal rather than sparing a little pocket-change, right?

About Epidigit:

Epidigit is a leading UK specialist retailer offering R4 Cards and 3DS Cards for both trade and retail customers. The brand offers a unique level of dedication to customer service and satisfaction, while at all times fronting the campaign for authenticity and the abolishment of counterfeits and fakes. See for further details.