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Costly Mistakes Spell Wasteful 2012 for Thousands of UK SMEs

Press release January 30, 2013 Business

AccessPay Issues Renewed Call for Vigilance Next Year

London, December 13th, 2012:


Payment and cash management authority AccessPay has issued a fresh warning this week of the common, costly mistakes made by thousands of SMEs across the UK this year. Calling attention to needless overspending on essential payment management solutions, advice is being offered on how to avoid a repeat performance next year.

It is estimated that businesses in worrying numbers have been overspending on their IT budgets to the tune of up to 70% during the course of 2012, having been locked into in-house solution and contracts of little benefit to the business. AccessPay is encouraging a reassessment of the approach taken to cash and payment management, along with renewed vigilance to prevent further waste in 2013.

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“AccessPay dramatically reduces your payments system running costs, requires no upfront investment and, crucially, offers predictable future costs.” – AccessPay

As complex as the handling of business payments and transactions can be, the principle behind the services on offer is relatively simple. A payment management service provider should and must be able to offer immediate and long-term savings from day one, along with streamlined operations and the freeing up of valuable resources.

There is never any sense in paying one penny over the odds for something the business does not need and most likely never will – it is as simple as that.

AccessPay is today urging UK businesses to consider whether the above is in-fitting with their current service packages and to begin asking questions if not.

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“Cloud-based services mean your Company has always-up-to-date payments and cash management capabilities that can be rapidly extended to new payments channels when your company needs them.” – AccessPay

Providers are still in many circles guilty of duping businesses into entering contracts the likes of which serve the benefit of none other than the provider, offering either no room to manoeuvre over the long-term or charging over the odds for superfluous services. This should be deemed 100% unacceptable by any proactive business however as to operate in the cloud – as a viable provider should – is to offer the kind of infinite flexibility required to tailor services for the bare minimum costs.

The time has come for dated in-house direct debit software and overpriced provider contracts to be scrapped in favour of sensible, tailored solutions for business – at least according to Accesspay.

About AccessPay:

Based in London, AccessPay is comprised of a team of elite IT professionals with extensive experience in the creation of payment and cash management solutions for business. Having started out as a small business and with combined experience of over three decades, AccessPay prides itself on offering the kind of simple, real-world payment management solutions its rivals cannot. The company mission is to remove both the cost and complication from payment management to allow UK businesses to focus on what they do best. Check out for more information.