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Contemporary Radiators are the new must have in interior design

Press release September 26, 2011 Homes & Gardens

Want to be warm in style? Contemporary radiators heats like the traditional white radiator however, adds an interesting new feature to your home.

Designer Radiators

Radiators initially designed as a heat source to heat our homes were an inconvenient space taker, unattractive and very much like an unwanted but needed piece of furniture.  Radiators have now evolved and can now be bought in new contemporary styles, colours, designs and materials. Contemporary radiatorshave become an eye catching feature that give a modern room that finishing edge in style.  The availability in different sizes such as slimline, corner, plinth and shaped radiators allow to heat the smallest or largest space and still fit in with the decor of the room.

These new styles of radiator can only be described as a work of art; they come in spectacular designs that are unbelievably heating our home. Ranging from flat abstract pieces of stone radiators to mirrored radiators which could be perfectly matched for your bathroom or even to catch a glimpse of yourself in the hall way.   

Designers have been working really hard over the past few years and given the plain white radiator a radical makeover that can only be described as genius. These radiators could potentially be the most inspiring feature in any desired room; the eccentric colours, or the creatively shaped designs add the finishing touch to any modern home.  The modern radiators come in an extensive range from column radiators, stainless steel radiators or even modern towel rails, which also come in impressive styles, shapes and sizes.

The array of radiator designs, shapes, sizes and even different materials and colours will enable you to choose a radiator that matches your rooms decor. These contemporary radiators are the new fashion accessory in interior design.

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