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Press release November 26, 2009 Culture

The Best Company Calender Ever


Have you ever opened your office cupboard to see you are down to your last 10 pieces of stationary?  You search everywhere for the correct files, then spend an age trying to contact a printer.  No need anymore.  NI Design based in Edinburgh can now take over all your print management.  We will securely store all your most recent files, and when down to your last few we can arrange to have you stocked up again in no time.  We can even hold an emergency stock for you and have them delivered within an hour.

No more will you need to use the dodgy office photocopier to make last minute poor letterhead copies or wait weeks for your new stationary.

By leaving all your print management, web management, and stationary procurement to us and rest assured you won’t need to look any further for print or web services.

NI Design, Creating Possibilities.