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Press release March 3, 2009 Young

'Cool tips for saving energy & money !'

Businesses and homeowners have been hit hard by large energy prices and if recent energy efficiency and environmental policies and tactics are not put into action, energy bills will soon reach an all time high. Now is the time to take important measures to conduct energy saving techniques in homes in order to try and reduce those both those bills and the impact that our energy consumption has on the environment. The Refrigeration and Air-conditioning specialists at Acre Solutions Ltd outlined some practical steps on their website that business and home owners can take to lead to a more energy efficient premises.

Use Low Energy Appliances
By ensuring that your appliances are A rated or A++ rated then you can feel confident you are using the most efficient equipment available. Combined with this, always remember to switch off electrical appliances such as computers and DVD players, make use of the timer, and economy function on your air conditioning and you will be able to substantially reduce your energy bills.

Increase Insulation Levels
Added insulation in your home or office building is an excellent way to cost effectively reduce those energy bills and make your premises warmer. Usually, an average of 30% of heat can escape through your walls and roof if they are not sufficiently insulated.

Heat Recovery for Fresh air
Utilising a Heat recovery system with your fresh air supply is one of the most efficient methods of introducing clean fresh air to a property. It is also important to note that all windows are kept closed when the air conditioning is on in a building; this is to ensure that warm outside air doesn't replace the air in cooled areas inside wasting all of that valuable energy.

By installing and using the most appropriate conditioning units correctly, you can reduce your energy costs. Acre Solutions can help you achieve this by installing the latest Inverter driven systems that are up to 44% more efficient than older fixed speed systems.

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Contact: Matthew Barnett