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CombiTents from Dancover – get 6 marquees for the price of 1!

Press release July 9, 2015

With a CombiTents from Dancover you are able to customize your tent, so it will fit the relevant event every time you have something to celebrate. It is a brilliant concept that makes it so much easier to choose the right marquee the next time you want to buy a high quality marquee. With a CombiTents divided into sections you can always just use the number of sections you need for the relevant occasion. That is why it is possible to get up to 6 marquees for the price of 1!


CombiTents - a brilliant solution based on many years of experience

Dancover has almost 20 years of experience with marquees for both private and professional customers. This experience and knowledge has led to the development of a simple yet extremely efficient solution that gives you the possibility to customize your marquee. One marquee will fit all so to speak, as it is possible to adjust the size for every time you use the marquee. Normally you have to choose a specific size marquee for an arrangement, but then you would often have a challenge the next time you are to host a party. Then the marquee would be either too small or too big. Having a Dancover CombiTents your marquee becomes adjustable so you will always have a marquee in the correct size regardless of the number of people you want to invite be it 20 or 100.

CombiTents is a quite simple but very efficient solution

The ‘secret’ behind Dancover CombiTents marquees is actually quite simple – sections. By dividing the marquee into sections, it is possible to have a flexible solution at all times that will meet your need and number of guests. It takes a while to mount a large marquee so often one choose not to mount the marquee if the number of guests is in the low numbers. With a CombiTents however, you only mount the number of sections you need for the number of guests you invite. Brilliant may be a strong word but it has proven to be an extremely useful solution for quite a lot of people.  

CombiTents have many important details

Developing a marquee in sections offers a number of practical solutions to be invented so the marquee will be easy to mount, take down and combine. Furthermore, the marquee needs to be tight when it comes to rain and wind, and you have to secure easy access. Below you can see some of the important details that make CombiTents a marquee in a class of its own:    

  • Innovative Trippel Velcro Closure System
  • Delivered full size with all sections combined from the start
  • Many different sizes i.e. 5x10m, 6x12m and 8x16m.
  • Double Velcro Windstop protects against rain and wind
  • Door opening with Velcro at both end walls
  • Easy to remove or add sections of the marquee

International success

Dancover is an e-company based in the north of Zealand in Denmark close to Elsinore and the famous castle of Hamlet. The company has specialized in marquees, gazebos and garden furniture for both private and professional customers. Dancover was founded in 2003 and has experienced a massive growth. The number of employees has surpassed 70, and today Dancover is one of the leading suppliers and is present in over 28 markets throughout Europe.


With CombiTents marquees you can get up to 6 marquees for the price of 1 – here you can see how that is possible: