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Cold Snap Means Online Bingo Boom

Press release March 3, 2010 Lifestyle

Online bingo sites are reporting a boom with millions of Britons choosing to shun the cold weather and stay indoors to get their fun.

The New Year has seen a sharp rise in players logging on to the sites as snow and bad weather batter the UK.

The cold snap has coincided with a post Christmas economy drive for many families – possibly another reason why people are choosing to stay in the warmth and comfort of their own homes and go online for their entertainment.

One of the UK’s largest bingo sites has noticed a marked increase in player numbers with over 200,000 members now using the site.

The site’s founder Rob Hutchison said: “Bingo players know they can still enjoy their favourite game in the comfort of their own homes without having to brave freezing cold temperatures and hazardous icy roads.

“Who wants to scrape the ice off the windscreen when they can sit down in front of the PC and play for big money at home. It makes perfect sense.

“At this time of year many of us are spent up and bingo players know if they play at home they’ll spend a lot less than they would down their local bingo hall.

“With bingo websites now offering large cash prizes there really is no need for anyone to bother heading out into the snow. More and more people are realising they can have more fun at home, spend less and have the chance to win more.

“Ever since the snow came down before Christmas our numbers are up and in the past few days it’s been crazy. There is definitely a direct correlation between snow fall and online bingo activity.”

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