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Club and Rave Wear

Press release March 30, 2012 Fashion

With the hot weather getting us in the party spirit, club and rave wear is a must have accessory. If you’re heading to a festival or just going on a big night out, getting the right look is key. From clothing to contact lenses, whistles to headwear there is something for everyone, going that extra mile will make you stand out for all the right reasons.

Hair, Make Up & Nails

Achieving that party look doesn’t have to be difficult with the right cosmetics. Companies such as AlterEglow are specialists in Glow, UV and Fluorescent products, offering a full range devoted to club and rave wear ensuring your hair makeup and nails look fantastic. They offer full ranges of Florescent eye shadow, Vibrant nail polish, neon hair gel, UV eye & lip pencil and much more.

Contact lenses                     

Instantly change your look in seconds with UV and fancy dress contact lenses, the must have accessory to catch anyone's eye. With a wide range of different colours and styles, no other rave accessory has such a stunning affect.

Clothing and accessories

The clothing and accessories part of club and rave wear is a large selection of Headwear, Whistles & horns, Glasses, Socks, tights, legwarmers, tutus, gloves, sweatbands, costumes and much more to enhance any night out, all these products are worth considering.

Dressing up for a festival, rave or club is great fun and can bring you and your friends together, this is the main reason such events are so appealing and getting more popular every year.