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Clip On Sunglasses and Over Glasses Leading the way in 2011

Press release August 11, 2011 Fashion

Leading online retailer of sunglasses and affordable eyewear i*Sunglasses Ltd have announced that clip on sunglasses and over glasses are leading the way in terms of sales and enquiries in 2011.

Clipflipz clipons

The year 2011 has been a year of many surprises in the sunglasses industry, many leading fashion experts and retailers of eyewear were predicting aviator sunglasses to be the sales leader of 2011 due to their ongoing popularity and ever increasing fan base, however this has not been the case.

Leading UK based online retailer of sunglasses and affordable eyewear solutions, i*Sunglasses Ltd have announced that their ranges of more retro, vintage and perhaps geek style elements have been leading the way throughout the year, even throughout the summer season thus far.

Two particular product lines and styles, clip on sunglasses and over glasses have dominated i*Sunglasses sales of eyewear throughout 2011 and seemingly show no signs of slowing down. To many people this may come as a surprise due to the image clip on sunglasses and over glasses can portray, one of not being fashionable and associated with a geek style from past decades and eras.

As with clothing retro and vintage fashion has made a huge comeback in recent years and it seems that clip on sunglasses and over glasses are two eyewear ranges to feel the benefits of this trend. There are also other factors to consider such as a declining economy and people not wanting to over spend. People who wear over glasses or use clip-on sunglasses do so because they wear prescription glasses, having to purchase specialist prescription sunglasses can be costly, so over glasses and clip on sunglasses provide a very cost effective solution.

i*Sunglasses launched their own unique range of clip-on sunglasses, Clip Flipz, in 2010 due to high demand and the need for a more fashionable, easy to apply product to assist people. Old designs of clip on sunglasses could be quite un-attractive in presentation with clips that quite often broke with very little pressure, the Clip Flipz range have been manufactured and designed with longevity and style being two major factors.

The main difference between traditional clip on sunglasses and the Clip Flipz range of clip-on sunglasses is the spring clip that i*Sunglasses have developed, it is a low profile, squeeze to open clip with a spring mechanism that is virtually unbreakable in normal, everyday use. The lenses are rivated to the spring clip so the element of screws coming loose, as with previous manufacturers designs, has been replaced with a more practical and cost effective solution.

With various lens types, the i*Sunglasses range of Clip Flipz clip on sunglasses can be used for sport, driving, every day use or almost any activity you can imagine. To find out more information about Clip Flipz please visit or to buy clip on sunglasses online please visit