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Clinicality Press Show They’ve Got Guts With Forthcoming Anthology

Press release November 18, 2009 Culture

Clinicality Press is scheduled to publish its most ambitious and wide-ranging book to date early in 2010.

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Edited by Christopher Nosnibor, author of 'THE PLAGIARIST,' our first ever release, 'Clinical, Brutal: An Anthology of Writing with Guts' is an anthology of works in both poetry and prose that encapsulates the ethos of Clinicality Press and the essence of Clinical Brutality as a mode of writing.

As Christopher writes in his introduction, ‘Excessive gore is not a prerequisite, but nor is it frowned upon. It’s all about those small, everyday random acts of violence, not all of which are physical or even necessarily entirely tangible, that are common to us all. Those little psychological pains we inflict on one another, the words that resonate long after they've cut deep, the behaviours we exhibit that make others uncomfortable or act in a certain way because we seek to manipulate a situation or an individual, or sometimes simply because we're pissed off or because we can... those are equally brutal, and so often clinical in their calculated execution.’ As such, the collection cuts to the core of human existence and combines brutality with beauty, in the form of some of the most devastating and precise, razor-sharp writing you’re likely to find.

The book will feature some truly stunning works – many of which are previously unpublished – by writers including D M Mitchell, Christopher Nosnibor, Stewart Home, Constance Stadler, Jim Lopez, Radcliff Gregory, Díre McCain, Pablo Vision, Bill Thunder, Maria Gornell and A.D. Hitchin.

The book will be available as a trade paperback via Amazon, Barnes and Noble and most other on-line book stores, as well as direct from Clinicality Press.

The official publication date, price and full line-up will be confirmed nearer the time. Keep an eye on the Clinicality Press website ( for updates and a few samples ahead of the book’s release.