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Civil Society Jobs looks at the benefits of voluntary sector jobs

Press release June 7, 2012 Business

Civil Society Jobs takes a look at why people take up voluntary sector jobs and the benefits that these roles can often bring to jobseekers.

Voluntary sector jobs are unpaid positions where individuals dedicate time and energy to a charity, working to drive its message and help its cause. Civil Society Jobs looks at why people carry out these charitable roles as well as the benefits they bring to jobseekers.

Firstly, many choose to embark on voluntary work so that they can give back. Rather than being employed to earn money, individuals are able to dedicate their time to bettering the world around them. While these placements help a charity and their cause, they also provide volunteers with valuable skills and life lessons.

While many choose to volunteer in order to do social good, Civil Society Jobs has also found that voluntary sector jobs can help those looking for employment. Unpaid positions allow people to gain experience and also boost their skills set.  

When looking for your first job in the third sector, unpaid charity placements can help you to get your foot in the door. They allow individuals to learn about the third sector and how non profit organisations work.  Meanwhile, an unpaid placement will get your name heard in the industry so that you are in mind for future roles.

Charity jobs can also be an essential step for those simply looking to boost their CV. Charity placements are highly valued by many businesses as they show your willingness to work hard and a high level of passion. What's more, the experience gained from voluntary positions will help as you develop and grow throughout your working life.

For professionals looking to change their career, voluntary sector jobs can also be useful. The unpaid placements not only help to update CVs, but also provide the additional skills that may be required in a new job role.

For those interested in third sector jobs, Civil Society Jobs displays all the latest vacancies in charities and non profit organisations. Specify the location, job role and salary that you require to find available roles that are best suited to your skills, experience and interests.


About Civil Society Jobs:

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