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Cheshire Company wins National Cleantech Innovation Award

Press release February 5, 2017 INNOVATION Cleantech Energy & Environment SME Efficiency Carbon reduction Industry

Perceptive Engineering, based in Daresbury, wins 2017 award for energy efficiency

Award Rushlight winner

A specialist software company in Cheshire has scooped the Rushlight award for their work in the UK water sector.  

The Rushlight Awards have been running for 10 years and celebrate innovation in clean technology and energy efficiency.  The guest of honour at the awards ceremony was John Loughhead, Chief Scientific Advisor to UK Government's Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Perceptive's entry focused on the work they have done with some of the biggest water companies in the UK, including United Utilities and Thames Water.  The technology developed by Perceptive enables existing water treatment plants to operate more efficiently, which reduces the amount of energy needed while still protecting the environment.

Perceptive's lead engineer in water, Matthew McEwan, said: "We're delighted to win this award. The tools and techniques we've developed are helping our customers - the water companies - to help their customers, by lowering costs and minimising environmental impact.  Our customers value what we're doing for them, but it's nice to be recognised by an award such as this".

Two of the judges commented:

"A step change in control, a low cost solution to create big energy savings in wastewater aeration, which if implemented across the whole of the water industry would create large reductions in power requirements and carbon footprint.”

“Gains in efficiency appear to be in addition to what is already possible and thus could be a significant element in improving overall process efficiency.  It also appears to improve effluent quality, plant reliability and maintenance.”

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Perceptive Engineering is a SME established in 2003, with offices in the UK and Singapore that serve a global marketplace. They have developed a suite of advanced software applications that increase efficiency, reduce cost, and improve the environmental performance of complex industrial processes in a wide variety of sectors.  

Perceptive has been selected by multinational blue chip companies to help develop the next stage of pharmaceutical manufacturing, and have won numerous awards for innovation in water treatment, paper and steel making, nutritional ingredients and pharmaceuticals.

The attached PDF describes the entry submitted to the Rushlight Awards


INNOVATION Cleantech Energy & Environment SME Efficiency Carbon reduction Industry