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Cheryl And Becks Top Celeb Poll

Press release April 28, 2010 Culture

Cheryl Cole and David Beckham have topped a survey of famous names the public would like to have a random meet up with.

The poll, run by online chat site, asked members to choose a male and female celeb they’d most like a chance encounter with.

Male contenders included David Beckham, Jeremy Clarkson, Liam Gallagher, Simon Cowell, Nick Clegg and Peter Andre. With Cheryl Cole, Katie Price, Naomi Campbell, Kerry Katona, Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckham flying the flag for the ladies.

Cheryl polled a massive 30% of the votes for the women with David taking 25% of those cast for the blokes.

Pop star Lady Gaga came in at second place for the women with singer and Jordan’s ex, Peter Andre, in second for the men.

Third place for the blokes went to Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg, whose profile has soared since the election debates, and surprisingly David’s other half Victoria. The Beckhams were widely tipped to top the poll.

X-Factor supremo Simon Cowell and troubled reality TV star Kerry Katona came fourth with Katie Price languishing in fifth place, some way behind her former husband, alongside TV car bore Jeremy Clarkson.

Unsurprisingly the biggest losers in the survey were foul mouthed Liam Gallagher and hot headed supermodel Naomi Campbell. They polled 2% and 7% respectively. is a website which allows strangers to talk face to face over a webcam.

A spokesman said: “The winning celebs really weren’t too much of a surprise. Cheryl has been the nation’s darling for some time now, even more so since she split with her love rat of a husband Ashley Cole. And as for Becks, he’s a footballing legend who both men and women adore.

“It was a bit of a surprise that Posh wasn’t a little higher and that Lady Gaga came ahead of her. Voters gave Lady Gaga the nod thanks to her over the top persona.

“Peter Andre coming ahead of Katie will certainly be a kick in the teeth for the glamour model. And to add insult to injury, much loathed rival Kerry Katona polled more votes than her too. Not a good day for Katie Price.

“It was exciting to see Nick Clegg collecting more votes than some of the well know TV personalities. Had we run this poll before the election campaign kicked off I’m sure he would have polled a lot less. It will be interesting to see if he retains this position in a few months time.

“Simon Cowell in fourth was no real surprise and neither was Jeremy Clarkson in fifth. However, there was a big difference in the number of votes polled for the Top Gear star and Liam Gallagher showing just how much of a loser the public think the ex-Oasis front man is.

“His foul mouthed tirade at the Brits and his smug, attitude certainly doesn’t endear him to the public. And as for Naomi Campbell, the result was just as we expected. Voters said they were tired of her arrogant behaviour and wanted her to show a little respect instead of treating those around her like dirt.”

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