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Press release May 10, 2010 IT

Cheap 24hr Apple iMac Repairs in South , North, East, West and Central London. The only Apple iMac Support Services. Apple iMac Repair and Support for London and surrounding areas. Fast Upgrade Service. Expert Apple iMac Technical Support. Pre-Sales and Post-Sales Advice and Help for the home and business iMac user. Specialist iMac Support Service for Apple Mac problems and iMac issues. iMac upgrades, iMac replacement parts and fast iMac repairs service.

17 inch macbook pro unibody repair

Cheap ADVANCED iMAC REPAIRS - Home Computer Repairs.

...can repair the Apple iMac Intel, iMac G5, 17", 20", 24", 27"... Hard Drive, Superdrive, LCD, Power, etc.

Is your Apple iMac Shutting Down Randomly?

Try one of the following solutions:

Faulty mains socket in your wall circuit

Try a different outlet or different circuit in your home. Sometimes an overloaded or noisy circuit (can happen from improper grounding or multiple appliances) can cause the power supply on your Mac to fail.

Failing Power Supply (PSU)

This is a likely reason, either because the supply has faulty wiring or a component such as a capacitor is failing. You will need to replace the power supply if this is the case, which can be done by calling us.

Dead Logic Board Internal PRAM Battery

The logic board has an internal battery on it that may need to be replaced for the Apple iMac to boot up. While not always a very likely candidate, if the battery is not able to store a charge or is being discharged it is possible this can be a contributing factor to the shut-offs. It can be replaced by Cheap Imac Repairs so get in touch now..

Faulty power management circuit

Faulty power system may indicate a dead Logic Board battery, but can also be caused by faulty power management settings, and reset the system management controller may help. This can be done by following this Apple Support document online -

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