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Change your brochure again and again for no cost with Digi-products

Press release January 21, 2009 PR

Digi-products enable businesses to change sales and marketing material again and again without the cost of agency amendments or reprinting - in only minutes.

The recent VAT reduction increased costs for those businesses who had to reprint brochures and catalogues to reflect changed prices, while businesses using Digi-products could amend their material for no extra cost and make their corrected material available to customers in minutes without waiting for reprinting.

This is just one example of how Digi-products’ digital marketing tools – integrated emails, PDF brochures and catalogues, micro-web sites and Flash presentations – give companies full control over their sales and promotional material with the flexibility to publish changes to thousands of customers in minutes.

All Digi-products digital materials are stored on a central server, so whenever a customer views a brochure – on the day of receipt or weeks or months afterwards – they always see the current, correct version, which reflects any changes made to it.

This eliminates all the problems associated with print runs, so businesses don’t have to:

•    Store thousands of copies of a catalogue
•    Rush to mail out large volumes before they become out-of-date
•    Post brochures with incorrect information
•    Delay mailings until reprinted brochures are delivered

Digi-products also save money because there are no printing or mailing costs and don’t require an agency to be paid every time a minor amendment is required. Unlike print, Digi-products materials can be changed over and over again at no extra cost.

“Digi-products give businesses confidence that their sales people always have up-to-date materials to distribute and that their customers always receive current information,” comments David Boyland, managing director of Digi-products Ltd.

“With an increasing need for businesses to introduce offers and sales promotions fast, Digi-products lets them do this at no extra cost to their existing material.”

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