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Challenging the Christmas Calories

Press release November 10, 2009 Health

They say that it’s the season to be jolly and now those hoping to lose weight can enjoy the delights of Christmas guilt free.

Festive feasting has long been the bane of dieters who find themselves eating (and drinking) much more than they’d planned to. One glass leads to another and weight-loss quickly turns to weight gain ruining previous months of hard work in only a few days.

But help is at hand for those wishing to let their hair down whilst still keeping an eye on their waistline this Christmas, thanks to organic fat binder Proactol.

The fibre-based pill works by binding fat in the body and passing it through the system without any harmful effects and has been clinically tested 100% safe for long term use.

Proactol soaks up as much as 28% of any fat consumed, therefore whilst many people will over indulge this Christmas, by using Proactol the damage is limited and the waistline wobbles avoided.

For example, eating a traditional Christmas dinner will result in 48 grams of fat being consumed, but with Proactol this could be reduced to as little as 35 grams. For dessert, Christmas pudding with some brandy butter will set you back 22 grams of fat but with Proactol four grams of fat will be absorbed then removed from the body.

Popular snack items such as Christmas cake and mince pies can also be made skinny, with Proactol absorbing as much as nine of the 33 grams of fat they contain.

Historically Christmas has always been a time for weight gain. The average Brit will consume an astonishing 7,000 calories on Christmas Day alone, over three times the recommended daily amount for a woman. Add this to the left over turkey on Boxing Day and multiple glasses of wine on New Years Ever and its easy to see how the pounds can quickly pile on

Katie Downing-Howitt product manager for Proactol sympathises with those who have worked hard all year at shedding the pounds and want to treat themselves to a bit extra at Christmas.

Katie said: “We are bombarded with messages telling us, ‘No - you shouldn’t eat this food or that food,’ so when it comes to Christmas you end up feeling guilty when you enjoy an extra slice of something sweet like Christmas cake.

“Life is for living and being able to enjoy rich foods with family and friends is one of the joys of Christmas.

Whilst Proactol will help Christmas revelers minimize their weight gain Katie maintains that it is by no means a miracle cure.

Katie said: “Proactol is a great supplement for anyone wishing to lose weight in a safe and organic way but it should be used as part of a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise.”

The active ingredient in Proactol comes from an extract of the Prickly Pear cactus and was once used by the ancient Aztecs as a hangover cure.

So not only will Proactol be helping thousands of women to stay in shape this Christmas, it could also aid a sore head.

Thousands of dieters can eat, drink and be merry safe in the knowledge that unlike the fabled goose in the ‘Christmas is coming’ carol they won’t be getting fat this Christmas, thanks to Proactol.



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