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CG-Lock® Used For the LIVE Stunts on Stage at the MPH07 Show

Press release November 6, 2007 Motor & Transport

On-track, on-road and now on-stage... The CG-Lock® device was invented for the track - for performance drivers wanting the benefits of a harness but not the hassle... and now this same device is helping the professional stunt team on stage at the MPH07 Show.

Ben Collins, top professional racing driver and Paul Swift are the two main stunt performers at MPH07... and are responsible for getting the live stage show literallyinch-perfect.

The MPH live stage show is the result of months of creative ideas, themes and concepts... leading to carefully planned out choreographed stunt sequences, practiced hundreds of times to get it all right for the live event. Each year the demands on the drivers increase... and this year is aimed to be the most difficult and most entertaining of all.

The CG-Lock device (CG=Centre of Gravity) will be fitted to the cars existing seatbelts and used on stage to gain the extra control needed for these extraordinary feats of skilled driving.

Ben comments "Although my trade is a professional racing driver, the stunts for films and shows like MPH are a good way of getting the close shaves out of my system."  He continues "The sequences this year are more demanding than ever, making it a great spectacle to watch... all performed in a space no bigger than half a soccer pitch with over £27 million worth of cars."

Ben explains his use of the small add-on device; "The CG-Lock is a great bit of kit... I used it recently with the guys in the stunt driving team for the National Treasure II movie (releasing in 2008) and I'll be using it on stage at MPH this year including in the new Jaguar XF. It really helps maintain control of the cars... especially when they are airborne, drifting or making fast turns!"

Ben goes on to explain why he first considered using the device: "Driving on the race track, the first crucial step is establishing a good seating position and with a conventional seat belt you just keep falling out of it, unless you install a full harness or fit a CG-Lock. Moving around in the seat as you drive isn't just frustrating, it's also dangerous because in the event of an impact that lack of movement can make all the difference in avoiding an injury." He continues, "The CG-Lock connects the driver to the car and holds you in the seat allowing heightened feedback from the tyres so that the driver can make the subtle inputs into the steering wheel, accelerator and brake that make the difference between posting an average lap time and a fast time... Stunt driving is no different, because you can't focus on making precise turns or hitting a mark if you can't even hold yourself in the seat! Quite often in filming we need to use performance cars with standard belt systems. The CG-Lock allows us to carry out extreme manoeuvres like jumping a car over an obstacle or bouncing a car off traffic with the comfort of knowing the driver's centre mass and hips are held tight in the seat. Secondly, the device still allows a high degree of upper body movement which we need to carry out the action scenes."

Enhancing vehicle control of top professionals through to everyday drivers; the CG-Lock is being recognised as the biggest innovation in seatbelt technology since the inertia reel... and as for Ben? ...whether on the track, on the big-screen or on stage, he is sure to give us a greatshow.


Press are invited to visit the CG-Lock®stand and try the Centre-Gravity Simulator®at MP1 (NEC)

Thanks to Ben Collins ( his contribution to this communication.

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The CG-Lock is patented, and has been independently crash tested and has demonstrated that when fitted the CG-Lock does NOT interfere with the safety of the factory fitted 3-point seatbelt with or without a pre-tensioner (full details at

The CG-Lock is not intended to replace a racing harness and is not a safety device.

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