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Press release June 24, 2010 Construction


3 stolen machines are on their way back to the UK thanks to their unique CESAR ‘fingerprint’ and Datatag technology. Police in Poland suspected that 2 JCB Telescopic handlers and a JCB Backhoe were stolen, but as the thieves had removed every single trace of identity and ‘cloned’ the machines with a new identity; the police could not prove it. But Datatag technology and CESAR registration quickly identified that all 3 JCB machines had been stolen, from leading plant hire companies, in the South East of England in 2008 and 2009. The machines are now the property of the insurance companies who settled the losses. JCB were one of the first of many major manufacturers to adopt CESAR and they have been fitting the system to UK machines for 3 years.

A qualified police vehicle examiner, who flew to Poland especially for this mission, was easily able to identify the true identity of the machines using state of the art Datatag ID technology. Just like a human fingerprint the CESAR version categorically identifies a specific machine as no 2 CESAR fingerprints are alike. The thieves could remove the manufacturer’s visible identity of the machines but not the hidden and permanent CESAR fingerprint. As a consequence the gang face lengthy prison sentences for theft and handling stolen property.

Kevin Howells, Director of Datatag ID, and an expert on plant theft prevention, and recovery, comments “This latest recovery of valuable equipment really does show the effectiveness of the unique Datatag ‘fingerprint’ that every CESAR registered machine is given. Even after several years we were able to categorically identify all 3 stolen machines which has led to their repatriation and a substantial financial recovery for the insurance companies concerned”.

World class security technology, from Datatag, is used in a unique and innovative way to permanently identify a given machine. CESAR security devices, fitted to every machine on the register, include several tamper proof triangular registration plates (with a unique number for each machine), a number of radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags hidden in the machine, forensic liquid DNA, and thousands of microscopic Datadots. It’s literally impossible for thieves to remove all the traces of Datatag identification technology from a CESAR registered machine, which is one reason why recovery rates are higher than for unprotected and secured machines. Datatag meet current ISO 9000:2001 and LPS 1224 accreditation requirements and operate a ‘secured by design’ British Home Office approved database.

CESAR is the only official security and registration scheme and the most effective by being a powerful deterrent against theft and a proven and valuable aid in recovery. CESAR can be fitted to any type of construction and agricultural equipment from as little as £99. 

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