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Celebs Turn to SmokeStiks To Stay Young and Thin

Press release October 22, 2009 Health

WE all know about the health risks of smoking – but there's a major impact on our looks, too.

Dry, coarse, wrinkled smoker's skin is an inevitable consequence of puffing away, yet paradoxically, the 'beautiful people' are regularly seen dragging on toxic, tobacco-filled accessories that will make them look older, sooner.

Or are they? The celeb secret is out: increasing numbers of them are puffing on the new revolutionary SmokeStik, which gives the same nicotine hit without the prematurely ageing properties of traditional fags.

Kate Moss, Rachel Stevens, Simon Cowell, Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding and Leonardo Di Caprio are all using SmokeStiks and SmokeStik Royales, which look like a chic version of the real thing, with a slim pearlised barrel and gem-encrusted glowing tip.

Conventional smoking triggers oxidation, allowing oxygen-based free radicals (agents known to age the skin) to attack the skin cells. This damages the cells and inhibits them from repairing DNA and connective fibres, which in turn thins and dulls the skin, leading to lines and discolouration.

By way of illustration, you only have to look at the differences in complexion between bombshells Sophia Loren (reformed smoker) and Brigitte Bardot (unrepentant smoker) both 75. Studies have shown that heavy smokers in their 40s have the same number of wrinkles as non-smokers in their 60s.

Despite this, smoking is popular in the rail-thin fashion community, part of the so-called 'model's breakfast' of black coffee and a ciggy. Like their much more harmful counterpart, SmokeStiks work as an appetite suppressant. SmokeStiks were spotted in the hands of Twiggy, Erin O'Connor and other stylish, slender VIPs at London Fashion Week.

Soon to be sold in Selfridges, they are an electronic alternative to cigarettes, free of cancer-causing agents, and already trademarked as 'The Future of Smoking.'

SmokeStiks have proved a hit among Hollywood A-listers, as smokers in the ultra health and appearance-conscious California are now able to indulge their habit, with Entourage's Kevin Connolly and Queen Latifah snapped with SmokeStiks.

Lady Victoria Hervey, now based in the US, was so impressed with the SmokeStik when she first discovered it at a showbiz party in LA she got involved with the manufacturers and produced her own limited edition version of the product, the SmokeStik Royale, which features her Bristol family crest. 

SmokeStiks use cartridges which cost substantially less than a pack of traditional cigarettes, and as they aren’t restricted by the smoking ban they can be used anywhere – pubs, restaurants, clubs and even on airplanes. Actor Rhys Ifans was seen using one last month on a transatlantic flight. They are tar and odour-free, so they don't make your hair or clothes smell.

Brian Culwell of SmokeStik said: “There are myriad benefits to SmokeStik compared with regular cigarettes and one of them is that you won't damage your looks by using them. It's no surprise that famous people whose faces are closely scrutinised have been enthusiastic customers.  They're keen to avoid the wrinkling, withering effect that's otherwise an inevitable consequence of lighting up.”

“Essentially, SmokeStik removes all the things you don't want from cigarettes, and leaves the things you do: the social element, the image, the nicotine hit and the appetite suppression.”

To find out more about the SmokeStik get in touch with the company by visiting or call 0808 120 1999.


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