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Celebs turn to SmokeStiks

Press release October 22, 2009 Fashion

A SmokeStik is fast becoming the new accessory of choice amongst British celebrities.

The SmokeStik an electronic alternative to the traditional cigarette was spotted in the hands of several British celebrities at a host of swanky parties during the recent London Fashion Week.

Celebrities such as Kate Moss, Erin O’Connor, Twiggy, actor Rhys Ifans, and Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding have all been spotted using the revolutionary product and Simon Cowell has also asked to try one.

SmokeStiks are already popular in the US amongst Hollywood A-listers with Leonardo Di Caprio, Queen Latifah and Entourage’s Kevin Connolly all users of the product.

Now an increasing number of British celebs are ditching tobacco and opting for a SmokeStik instead.

SmokeStiks provide users with all the satisfaction of a nicotine hit but with none of the harmful side effects associated with the cancer causing agents found in traditional cigarettes.

As a SmokeStik doesn’t omit and harmful smoke they are exempt from the smoking-ban allowing users to enjoy them anywhere, even on airplanes.

Whilst not a concern for the average celebrity SmokeStiks also offer users the opportunity to save money as the replaceable cartridges it uses cost considerably less than a pack of traditional cigarettes.

Many believe the reason behind the success of the product, particularly amongst celebrities, is that it enables them to still enjoy a nicotine hit whilst at the same time maintaining a healthier lifestyle than is possible with traditional cigarettes.

Celebrities are increasingly under pressure to portray a socially responsible image and through using a SmokeStik; particularly with the goal of quitting cigarettes altogether they are able to do so.

The product is being pioneered in the UK by IT girl Lady Victoria Hervey who became fascinated by the product after seeing one being used at a Los Angeles party.

Now Lady Victoria has brought out her own version of the product the chic SmokeStik Royale which features her Bristol family crest and jewelled tip.

Ex-cigarette smoker Lady Victoria said: “There is a real demand for a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes and I believe the SmokeStik Royale fits the bill.

“Many of my friends are social smokers and since the ban came in they aren’t able to smoke during their nights out anymore. I’m sure many people miss the social side of smoking since the ban came into force.

“With the SmokeStik it’s still possible to enjoy the social side of smoking without all the nasty smoke.”

So confident are SmokeStik about the success of their product they have trademarked the phrase “The Future of Smoking.”

To find out more about the SmokeStik get in touch with the company by visiting or call 0808 120 1999.


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