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Castoff - the all new bright British Auction Site is getting ready to take on eBay

Press release April 22, 2010 Young

Is eBay ready for a challenge?


There has been talk around the online auction world for several months now that there is a new British site just waiting in the wings getting ready to take on the might of eBay.  Today has announced their intention to launch their site on 5th June at midday. 

“There has been a great deal of seller dissatisfaction amongst eBay users in recent years”, said Marcus Down, the CEO of “Whilst there is no doubt that eBay has been a great success they were never really in tune with the British market. Now they appear to be moving away from the online auction model and making it harder for the small companies and individuals to make a profit selling on their sites.” 

Currently are putting the final touches to their web site and testing and retesting the software behind the auction program. Over the last 10 years there have been many attempts to take on eBay and at the present time in the UK only CQout have managed to stay the course and establish them as a credible alternative. So why should succeed where so many have failed? 

“It is the combination of two factors”, says Dave Bromley, the founder of UK the online auction information site, “firstly, the management, Marcus and his team have a clear view of where they are going and what they want to achieve. Secondly, the timing, there is a real desire to buy and sell on online auctions but the major player, eBay appears to be moving away from this form of online marketing. could well fill the void.” are taking auction buying back to its’ roots, placing more emphasis on individual traders and the auction process.  The UK auction site has a strong strategy in place with a rebate scheme giving users a percentage of their fees back and lower costs.  They have excellent branding with a very visible set of propositions. believes that by ensuring the security of their site and offering first class customer service they will be providing what buyers and sellers want. This combined with a bright and cheerful easy to navigate site should ensure that come June they will start making a real impact on the market place.