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Cash and Payment Management Services Capitalising on New Business Naivety

Press release January 9, 2013 Business

AccessPay Warns of Thousands of UK Businesses Paying Out for Nothing in Return

Cash and payment management group AccessPay has issued a warning to the SMEs of the UK currently paying for the services of a third-party cash management professional. In an alarming number of cases that it apparently on the grow, smaller and newer businesses are being forced to pay high premiums for services that do not come close to offering a fair return.

More often than not, the naivety of newer businesses is being capitalised on to force the agreement of costly contracts covering exponentially more than the business actually needs. AccessPay has made the call for all UK SMEs currently using such services to carefully evaluate whether they are actually getting what they are paying for, or anything of value whatsoever.

More for Less

“AccessPay dramatically reduces your payments system running costs, requires no upfront investment and, crucially, offers predictable future costs.” – AccessPay

The primary purpose of payment and cash handling services is to minimise expense for the client business, while at the same time streamlining operations, freeing up valuable resources and generally contributing to future growth and prosperity. Sadly, this appears to be the polar opposite of what is actually going on with the contracts currently binding thousands of UK SMEs with the service providers.

By contract, AccessPaymakes the fundamental promise to all clients to not only eliminate all upfront costs and reduce everyday running costs, but also put measures in place to grow and evolve alongside the business while at all times keeping future costs predictable and thus manageable.

Superior Service with Peace of Mind

“Cloud-based services mean your Company has always-up-to-date payments and cash management capabilities that can be rapidly extended to new payments channels when your company needs them.” – AccessPay

All the in-house efforts and sepa direct debit in the world will certainly do the trick for a while, but when it comes to a business looking to stride forward with confidence there is nothing like the peace of mind that comes with knowing an elite team of financial professionals is in-tow. No up-front investment fees and no binding contractual obligations means a 100% risk-free service that can only lead to benefit for the business – something that Accesspayargues cannot currently be said for many of the contracts UK SMEs continue to work with.

About AccessPay:

Based in London, AccessPay is comprised of a team of elite IT professionals with extensive experience in the creation of payment and cash management solutions for business. Having started out as a small business and with combined experience of over three decades, AccessPay prides itself on offering the kind of simple, real-world payment management solutions its rivals cannot. The company mission is to remove both the cost and complication from payment management to allow UK businesses to focus on what they do best. Check out for more information.