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Car Crash Claims UK - Offering An Alternative Opinion On Rising Motor Insurance Costs

Press release October 4, 2012 Motor

Rising motor insurance costs have been a thorn in the general public and motorists sides now for over two years. Some areas of the UK such as the BB postcode area have been hit with a huge increase in motor insurance premiums, with reasons including fraudulent claims and staged accidents amongst other factors.

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Almost every motorist in the UK has that same headache on at least one occasion per year, it is time for their motor insurance policy renewal.

The UK has seen a huge increase in the cost of motor insurance policy premiums over the past couple of years, factors including fraudulent compensation claims, staged accidents and general illegal activity in the road accident claims industry have been blamed for the most part.

Car Crash Claims UK, a specialist car accident claims advisory, have joined the cause to support the calls for motor insurance premiums to be lowered and also for the truth behind rising insurance costs to be heard.

It might come as a surprise that a claims company are supporting such causes and offering their own opinion with all the negativity surrounding claims and insurance at this present time, however they feel it is vital that the truth be told and that the general public regain faith in the claims industry.

Like any sector there are always companies willing to break the law simply for financial gain, the claims industry obviously being an area that has exploited this more than others but that should not tar all claims related business with the same brush.

A genuine claim following a road traffic accident is exactly that, legitimate, legal and should be dealt with by way of compensation to the party who have potentially suffered with vehicle damage, an injury or loss of earnings as a result of someone else.

This is the message Car Crash Claims UK want to get across.

Not only that, they also want to let the general public know it is not wholly the fault of claims for the rise in insurance costs, official statistics showed that in 2011-2012 claims for whiplash dropped by over 30,000 when compared to the previous 12 months, whilst motor insurance premiums continue to rise.

If claims are decreasing why are premiums increasing? It seems simple - Are the insurance companies the ones to blame?

This issue is at the forefront of the UK public as insurance companies are now being investigated by Watchdog and at the highest level by The Office of Fair Trading. Eyebrows should be raised to the fact it is not the claims nindustry but the insurance firms themselves being investigated.

The BB postcode area of the UK have suffered more than most as the number of claims, especially fraudulent ones in recent years, have seen their premiums go through the roof; there is an ongoing Facebook campaign that is being backed by Blackburn MP Jack Straw to help the people of the BB area get a fair, reduced price on their current premiums.

For more information regarding this campaign please visit Get BB postcodes insurance premiums reduced!

Once the BB campaign reaches 100,000 epetition names they will present their argument to The Houses of Commons.

For more information on Car Crash Claims UK please visit their website or email [email protected].