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Can you afford not to use a business energy broker?

Press release June 21, 2012 Business

Every day, households and businesses alike are in some way faced with arduous headlines regarding rising energy prices in the UK.

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Energy costs have risen five times faster than income‎”, “Energy costs soaring”, “Energy reforms to push up costs”, “Fuel poverty figures are expected to rise again” ‎and “Electricity bills set to rise under new plans‎” were all reported in major tabloids last month, over just two days.

For the same reasons that domestic energy bills have been on an upward spiral, business energy prices have also risen dramatically in recent years. For MD’s and Financial Directors of these enterprises, the escalating prices are too contributing to ever rising company costs. Finding the balance between income and expenditure will evidently benefit the business; that is if you can reduce the expenditure side of it.

In the complex world of business energy, and within a very competitive market, being able to identify the best tariff for your company is a difficult job. Many energy suppliers are charging unwarranted amounts, and hiding behind their T & C’s that allow them to do so; making tariffsvirtually impossible to compare.

It is becoming more and more important for businesses to take a proactive approach to their companies energy needs, and most are going about it the wrong way, heading to the mind boggling arena that is comparison sites. With so much press and major advertising power behind these comparison sites, businesses are compelled to believe that their complex energy needs can be answered by inputting sparse details to a few non-specific, highly generic questions. Quotes are then churned out in ‘only 10 minutes of your time’, but in this complex and unforgiving world, is this good enough for your business?

Often, these quotes are unreliable, are not based on real-time market rates or consumption, and are simply there as a ‘fish hook’ to drown yet another business in the deep sea that is online deal sites. Tougher regulation of price comparison sites is called for, we as businesses take their bait until just a few weeks/months into the lengthy contract, we realise that we are not in fact saving any money and that the tariff selected cannot be changed, hail to hidden extras concealed in their T & C’s, another one bites the dust.

It is true that we would all like to save a little time, save a few penny’s and of course bathe in reflected glory that someone else has taken on this role for your company.
The feeling of being completely confident in your business energy supplier is something that many of us don’t have.  Trust an EXPERIENCED impartial energy broker to find the most cost effective energy supplier for your business.

More and more businesses are handing their energy reins to knowledgeable utility brokers like Utility Renewals.

Not only can these expert brokers search for prices from all the major suppliers, to get you the lowest price, they can give your company invaluable and independent energy advice that can help reduce carbon footprint and your business energy prices too. Even if the environmental aspect of energy isn’t of high importance to you, your customers will be interested in your company’s green credentials.

A broker will not just ask universal questions to formulate a general quote, but will often provide you with a detailed utility cost analysis. They will manage your energy contract individually, will have connections with all major UK suppliers, whilst obtaining the very best bespoke market rates for every individual client’s needs. They will work independently; have no particular ties to any one supplier, and negotiate these bespoke deals based on YOUR energy consumption and requirements. Furthermore many brokers, like Utility Renewals, will have in-house “Contract Management Systems” which monitor the customers contractual period to ensure that your site never falls into excessive “out of contract” rates by failing to observe the supplier’s T & C’s. An automatic renewal reminder service is normally activated for customers, and with detailed product and service knowledge you will be fully aware of your contractual obligations.

 Once you have experienced this personal service you receive from a broker, compared to that of a comparison site, you and your business will never look back. Any issues that may arise will be dealt with by a personal account manager, who will have a similar individual relationship with the energy suppliers themselves. With this direct point of contact, issues will be dealt with quickly and efficiently by your broker, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you can do what is most important; look after your business.

Above all, and what is most important, using a broker is completely free of charge. The broker’s costs for service are billed directly to the suppliers, for introducing new clients or renewing them. No charges are made to your business what so ever.

So, for more personal, trustworthy and independent advice, Can you afford not to use a business energy broker?