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Buying Children's Furniture - safety should be your top priority

Press release July 5, 2011 Young

When buying Children's Furniture it important to go for quality not price as you could be risking your childs safety

Nutkin childrens bedroom furniture

We all want our children to have the perfect bedroom and the Internet has opened up the world to find a real bargain however, are we putting children at risk by buying cheaper furniture?  A child is a very active character who is full of the joys of spring, when choosing children's furniture, it is important to look at the practicalities as well as what it looks like. 

  • What is it made of?
  • Will it grow with my child?
  • How indestructible is it?
  • Where was it made?
  • Is it safe for little ones?
  • Is it practical?
  • Will it last?

Spending that little bit extra on your Children's bedroomcan save you money in the long run and even more importantly; prevent an accident.  Some children's furniture can be harmful to little one's that may have allergies or sensitive skin, so it is important to make sure that the furniture has been tested to live up to the Great British Standard of craftsmanship.  Buying timeless furniture that can grow with your child means that from a little one to a teenager it won't date and can be passed on to future generations.  The Children's Nutkin rangeis a popular choice for parents as this is made from the highest grade solid European hardwood, environmentally friendly; even the Nutkinbedis suitable for children from the age of 0-12 years of age.

Don't put your child at risk, invest in highquality children's furniture to ensure that your child has a beautiful bedroom that is safe for many years.

The Nutkin Children's Furniture Range is available at Cosy Rooms Furniture