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Business Energy Broker Supporting UK Charities

Press release May 18, 2012 Business

We are all aware how important money is to all charities. Every penny counts and they want to put all cash they receive towards their cause. The last thing a charity wants to do is to waste vital finances on its energy budget. When they are fighting for something important they don’t want to see their collecting bucket leaking crucial coins to the energy companies.



Understandably, not all charities are aware that they do not need to have business energy contracts. Only some do and Utility Renewals have been helping charities to get cheaper deals on their electricity and gas consumption for years now.

 When you are focused on your good cause it is very easy to ignore the energy bills as every day you fight for finance. It’s tough out there and it is getting harder to bring in the dough.

 A good business energy broker will be aware of the unique challenges that charities face and they will protect their interests armed with the knowledge of their needs and the business energy market.


 Charitable organisations need all the help they can get when comes to taking on the giants of the energy industry. With an energy broker by their side it is a conflict they can win.

 Premier Business energy brokers just like Utility Renewals are completely independent and exist to help charities by providing an efficient and transparent service. Often they will give that bit extra to negotiate the best deal possible to make sure no pennies slip through that collecting tin.

 The business energy comparison consultants at Utility Renewals already have lots of experience working with charities, finding out if they actually need a business energy contract in the first place and saving them money if they do. There is no pressure to sign and money could be saved. All it takes is a call.

 You can call Utility Renewals on 01282 695565 to see how they can help your organisation or visit their website for more information.