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BroadVision partner with new social business consultancy Agile Elephant

Press release July 18, 2014

REDWOOD CITY, CA–July 1, 2014 -BroadVision, Inc. (Nasdaq: BVSN), a leading provider of e-business and engagement management solutions, today announced its partnership with social business consultancy Agile Elephant.

Formed in January 2014, Agile Elephant provides consultancy and collaboration solutions, helping companies embrace the new digital culture of social collaboration, sharing and openness that is changing business models and the world of work.

This partnership will see BroadVision and Agile Elephant working together to provide enterprise social business solutions across various sectors but with a focus on law firms, consulting firms and charities.

“We're really excited to be working with BroadVision. The Clearvale social business platform has one of the most comprehensive feature sets we've come across, and it's very easy to configure and manage. Its cloud solution allows us to provide a straightforward deployment without the need for any IT infrastructure, meaning we can focus on helping customers build their collaboration culture, their communities, and get their employees and partners fully engaged,” said David Terrar, Founder and CXO of Agile Elephant.

“Agile Elephant’s experience complements our Clearvale solution and we’re pleased to be working with a combined passion for what it can do for both internal and external collaboration, enabling us to build on what we have already achieved with organisations such as the NHS,” added Ian Heggs, EMEA Director – Business Operations.

As a partner of BroadVision, Agile Elephant is a reseller of Clearvale and maintains a team of functional consultants and product experts to help organisations successfully transition to a social enterprise.

Clearvale is a social platform of engagement where employees, customers, and partners can share expertise and content, enhance business agility through increased communication and collaboration, and track accountability in the network, business processes, and sources of knowledge.

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About Agile Elephant

Agile Elephant is a new kind of consultancy designed to help companies embrace the new digital culture of social collaboration, sharing and openness that is changing business models and the world of work.  The Agile Elephant founders have been working with social technologies since their inception and understand business, social, and digital inside out.  They combine decades of experience of business management, strategy, operations, sales, marketing, human capital management, communications, enterprise software, social media strategy and monitoring, business analytics and research.  Their approach and services link collaboration, digital and social tools directly to their client's core business process and focus on the practical business needs that add real value to the bottom line.

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About BroadVision 

Driving innovation since 1993, BroadVision (NASDAQ: BVSN) is a provider of e-business and engagement management solutions for organizations seeking to transform their communication and collaboration efforts within and outside the enterprise by embedding valuable social behaviors into business relationships and processes.  BroadVision® solutions – including the Clearvale enterprise social networking solution – deliver a virtual, mobile, and social platform of engagement for sharing expertise, enhancing business agility, and tracking accountability to deliver clarity in decision-making and improvement in both productivity and business results. Visit for more details.

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