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Broadberry adds all-in-one Data Storage Server to product line-up.

Press release March 12, 2008 IT

Broadberry Data Systems a provider of data storage solutions and high performance servers has today announced the new CyberStore all-in-one data storage server range, offering NAS and iSCSI SAN (target and initiator) functionality in a single storage device.

The CyberStore Data Storage Server, (powered with Open-E DSS IP-based storage management software) provides a fast, reliable and scalable storage platform for IP based storage including NAS and iSCSI SAN and has four models with storage capacities ranging from two to twenty four terabytes. All models have been designed with data availability and security in mind with fault tolerant features that include:- volume and data replication, automatic failover, snapshot management, redundant power supplies, automatic drive rebuilding, hardware monitoring, support for many backup utilities and devices and email notification of errors. All models have dual gigabit Ethernet ports as standard which offer teaming, load balancing and adapter fault tolerance, other connectivity options include 4Gbps Fibre, 10GbE Ethernet and further gigabit Ethernet adapter cards.

"The availability and security of data is a growing concern for organizations of all sizes" said Colin Broadberry, President and CEO of Broadberry Data Systems. "The CyberStore Data Storage Server range of storage solutions offers complete NAS and iSCSI SAN functionality in a single storage device and allows organizations to cost-effectively enhance their data management capabilities with functions that were previously only available to large enterprise customers at a high cost."

Prices start from £2450 for two terabytes ranging to £9,999 for the twenty four terabyte model.

About Broadberry Data Systems

Established in 1989 Broadberry Data Systems is a leading manufacturer of high-end custom rack mount servers, NAS and iSCSI SAN storage servers and high performance graphics workstations and has offices in both the United States and Europe. Setting the standard for quality, reliability, and performance, Broadberry Data Systems provides the high-end computer user with the superiority and the dependability needed along with an affordable price.

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