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Britain’s Best Bingo Wings Revealed

Press release October 21, 2009 Health

Meet the lady with the best bingo wings in Britain – self confessed foodie Iliana Flade from London.

The professional actress, (who once played Christopher Biggins’s wife in panto), fought off stiff opposition from more than 200 big-armed hopefuls to be crowned winner of the first ever Bingo Wings Idol competition last week!

Iliana will now become the face, and arms, (lest we forget the pun on those bingo wings) of a new campaign to market bingo website

When Unlucky For Some launched their campaign looking for someone to represent their online bingo comparison site, they looked for a larger than life lady, with a big bubbly personality to match, to become the face and arms of their website. None of the girls who audition shied away from the limelight, in fact they have all embraced just how big and beautiful they are. None more so than Iliana!

“I’ve always been fat but it has never held me back. I love bingo, games, theatre, sports and have always been very athletic and flexible. I can still jump into the splits!”

Iliana, a classically trained actress, has numerous theatre credits under her belt including one of Shakespeare’s most famous roles – Lady MacBeth – but she never dreamed it would be her bingo wings that would catapult her to fame!.

“When I read about the Bingo Wings idol competition I just thought, ‘HELL YES!’ and decided to go for it.”

Iliana was among nine ladies invited to audition for the role of the new poster girl for

She added: “I was very excited to be chosen as the winner. I never dreamt my bingo wings would make me famous!”

Bingo lover Iliana added that she believes there should be no stigma in being overweight.

She said: ““I’ve always been fat but it has never held me back. I am not defined by my weight. My weight is a part of me but it is no more defining than the fact that I’m 5”6 or a brunette. Being fat needn’t have negative connotations. I’m not advocating being overweight by any means but don’t let your weight hold you back.

“I’ve heard people say your face could be your fortune, but I’ve never heard it said that your bingo wings could be your best asset … until now that is.”


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