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Press release June 22, 2010 Business

We now offer Smartwater the latest technology in theft protection, with our home insurance at no additional cost. ** If you are an existing policyholder and have not already benefited from this offer you will receive a formal notification when your policy next falls due for renewal.


SmartWater is a colourless liquid that holds a unique forensic code specific to only you and acts as an effective deterrent to burglars. Burglars know that the Police check stolen property for the presence of SmartWater and, if it is found, the property can be traced back to its rightful owner.

So, displaying the SmartWater logo in prominent locations of your home such as windows and doors sends a powerful warning signal to burglars. SmartWater Systems will be issued within 30 days of taking out or renewing your home insurance cover.

** SmartWater is included at no additional cost and for the policy term to all Principal Home, Prestige Home and Ultra Home policyholders, subject to the continuation of the agreement between Home & Legacy Insurance Services Ltd and SmartWater Technology Ltd.

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