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Bridal Dress Trends

Press release February 15, 2013 Lifestyle

From New York Fashion Week

Bridal fashion is constantly changing, and with a new year comes new designs from renowned designers around the globe. A lot of these new designs have been showcased during New York fashion week earlier this month.

One of the most emerging bridal dress markets is for maternity dresses, with more and more fashion designers giving pregnant women a greater range of choice when it comes to finding a dress for a bride and bump combination.

There are seven major modern styles that will be favourites with brides throughout the UK during 2013, no matter what the season:

  • Bare Shouldered
  • Colour
  • Open Back
  • Lace
  • Illusion of necklines
  • Visible legs
  • Beaded

Bare Shouldered

If you’re proud of your collarbones, neckline and shoulders, then you should definitely flaunt them with a dress that accentuates your favourite personal features. Wearing a dress that gives you a bare neck and shoulders also provides you with a very elegant and regal look to your outfit, which is proven in all of the Oscar de la Renta designs. And just because you don’t have your shoulders covered doesn’t mean that you can’t also have sleeves with your dress, to add a bit more of a traditional feel.


Coloured dresses have become more and more prominent over the past few years, and 2013 is set to be the biggest year so far for a wedding dress with colour. There are two avenues to explore with coloured wedding dresses; either you can opt for a block colour wedding dress, with bright, bold and drastic colours like reds, greens and blues. Or a more subtle approach could be made with near-white pale golds, peaches and lavenders to keep the impact to a minimum. Jessica Biel recently wed Justin Timberlake in a pale pink Giambattista Valli dress, which could set the theme for the coming year.

Open Back

Fashion design mega star, Vera Wang, is a very big fan of the open backed wedding dress. It offers the opportunity for intricate designs around the back of the dress where a lot of focus will be because of the untraditional open back. Having an open back means that the dress is very versatile in almost every other way. You can have a long train, sleeves, lace and even big accessories such as bows, to offer an even more interesting design.

Open Back Wedding Dresses


Kate Middleton gave lace wedding dresses some much needed media exposure when she married Prince William in 2011, and their popularity has soared ever since. They are now some of the most popular wedding dresses available, and brides who want to create the perfect wedding will opt for a dress like this in a flash. Lace can be incorporated into any part of the dress; sleeve, bodice, skirt or train so you have a very flexible design.

William & KateNeckline Illusions

More intricate lace-orientated designs from Vera Wang have allowed brides to cover up more, whilst giving the illusion that they are showing as much skin as they would be if they were wearing a strapless dress. Having corded lace around the neck of a dress is a great way to enjoy a more extravagant outfit and creating your favourite dress.

Visible Legs

If you love your legs and want to show them off as much as possible, then a high hemline is definitely the one for you! Dresses like this should have perfect features and accessories to accompany it, but with modern designs such as this, almost anything goes!


Embroidered beads are a great way of drawing attention to a particular area of the dress. It also gives the outfit more glisten and sparkle and brings an air of fantasy and fairytale to the whole occasion. Beads can come in all manner of design, from forming a whole part of the dress itself, like the neckline, or being embroidered into glorious patterns into the bodice or other parts of the dress.

There are literally thousands of different dress designs to choose from, all with their individual and unique features. There is one out there that is perfect for you, that you know is the right one as soon as you try it on and will fit in flawlessly with all of your plans. Watching bridal catwalks at fashion weeks is a great start to get some inspiration for exactly what you want. Then when you know, you can search and search for that special dress that will help make all of your dreams come true.