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Brexit to impede UAE growth plans by 2021?

Press release July 18, 2016

On June 26 the Dubai Financial Market (DME) General Index opened 4.7% lower. It is the sharpest fall in a single day of trading in six months, which has sparked uncertainty on the outlook of UAE growth.

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In the wake of the Brexit, economy experts discuss the potential short and long-term impact on UAE. The Central Bank of the UAE stated that “due to the limited interconnectedness between the UAE and UK financial systems, there are only few channels through which uncertainty about future UK and EU relations could affect the UAE financial institutions.”

However, the DME plummeted on June 26, which had experts wonder if the Brexit could affect UAE growth and the still lowering oil prices. One area which has already been affected is British expats in the UAE. To British expats who are paid in British Pound, the Brexit is bad news. This drop in wages combined with the high living costs in the UAE could force some of the highly-skilled British workforce to leave the UAE, hereby contributing to the already developing 'brain drain' in the UAE and impeding the UAE's economic growth plans. One element of the growth plan is to make Dubai a pivotal hub for global economy by 2021.

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