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Brand New White Label Flatshare Website Launched

Press release September 25, 2009 Business

A brand new white label system for the flatshare industry has been launched allowing for entrepreneurs, brand owners and website owners to create their very own branded flat or house share website.

Chelmsford, Essex – 23rd September 2009 -A new free, innovative and unique White Label Flatshare service ( has been launched, giving brand managers, website owners and budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to create and customise their own branded flatshare websites. gives out a standard 50% commission on all payments made on their partner websites, making it an attractive way to generate new income.

The flatshare industry has seen steady progression in recent years and is one of the few markets to have benefited from the global recession.  This is due to people choosing shared accommodation over renting on their own as a means of driving down the cost of living, as well as homeowners looking to supplement their income by renting out their spare rooms.

The challenge facing landlords and those searching for rooms to rent is that there are currently very few niche flatshare websites available, and everything is generally on a national level.  The introduction of White Label Flatshare gives these people the opportunity to be targeted by website owners who can pinpoint target markets, and thus create more positive matches between landlords and prospective tenants. 

White Label Flatshare really is a “business in a box” system which provides those that register everything that is needed to start their own flatshare website.  This includes the software, a reputable customer database containing hundreds of thousands of registered users and full customer support for both them and their members.

Once registered, partners can opt to aim their website at a particular niche market, whether that is by location, gender, or many other predefined niches.  From here they can customise their website homepage and colour scheme so that it can be branded and marketed with its own identity, which is of great benefit to existing website and brand owners who can make the website reflective of their existing brand image.

Once the website is set live, the only responsibility partners have is to promote their website as all customer support and payment transactions are dealt in house by White Label Flatshare.  The live website acts as a free service allowing those looking for a flatshare and landlords with rooms to fill to advertise, then to contact each other, one party must be a paid member, which is where those that have created the website can make a profit from the website.  For every membership upgrade, the partner will receive a minimum 50% commission of the sale, subject to terms and conditions.

About E-Commercial Enterprises

White Label Flatshare has been developed by a team with years of experience in the flatshare industry as they are responsible for creating one of the UK's biggest flatshare websites,  The latest upgrade to the website is itself running on the new White Label Flatshare system, proving the confidence the team has in its White Label Flatshare platform.

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