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Born of the Sea Bournemouth Jobs

Press release July 9, 2010 Business

Bournemouth jobs may be born of the sea in past years but its scope has now widened to include many modern professions. Check them out and see why Bournemouth residents are happy with their economy.

Like other coastal towns of Dorset, the town of Bournemouth has very close connections to the sea.  As such, it is best known as the one of the largest coastal resort towns in the region with a residential population of more than 163,000 excluding the influx of tourists during peak season.

But more than being a popular tourist destination, the town is also a regional center for business and finance.  Indeed, many of the Bournemouth jobs may be born of the sea but an increasing number moves toward the 21st century. So, when looking for jobs that ably combine good pay, good environment and the good life near the sea, think of jobs in Bournemouth.

Tourism in the Happiest Place in Britain

According to a 2007 survey commissioned by First Direct Bank, Bournemouth is the happiest place in Britain.   This is no surprise as the town has seven miles of sparkling sea and golden sand coupled with the amenities of a modern town like shops, restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, gardens and even Europe's first-ever artificial surf reef.

Tourists have enjoyed such a happy place by coming in droves and, thus, boosting the number of job available in Bournemouth.  The industry's contributions to the local economy amounts to £440 million a year in 2007 with no signs of abating even with the global recession.  One of the major contributors to the tourism sector is from business conventions that accounted for £127 million in the same year.  Indeed, tourism-related companies play a critical role in the generation of Bournemouth jobs.

Bournemouth continues to attract crowds with its many festivals.  There are the sporting events, the national brass band competitions, the sea cadet display and the air festival, to name a few.

Financial and Professional Services Available

With the influx of tourists on either business or pleasure or both, it becomes necessary to offer financial and professional services.  In this way, the economy can be sustained and the jobs in Bournemouth will be stable, if not growing in numbers.

Just to name a few of the professional firms with offices and headquarters in Bournemouth, there are Palmair, JP Morgan Chase, Unisys, Parvalux, McCarthy & Stone, Rias Insurance, Standard Life and Lloyds TSB Insurance. These businesses are connected to the outside world via the 100Mb broadband Internet access, which made Bournemouth the first Fibercity in the United Kingdom. Thus, Bournemouth jobs can also be accessed via the Internet.

Retail Is the Name of the Game

But of course, residents and tourists alike will need to shop for various items during their stay in the town.  Retail shopping centers are also the best sources of jobs in Bournemouth although not as significant in relation to the financial and professional services.

The shopping streets of Bournemouth are comprised of a wide variety of stores, boutiques, and shops selling almost everything from clothes and accessories to souvenirs and trinkets.  There are modern shopping malls and Victorians arcades to choose from in the town, too.

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