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Booth Video Production Service at Pittcon 2013 Exhibition

Press release January 7, 2013 Science

Synthesis Media scales its booth video service as an offering to 600 potential customers at Pittcon 2013


The Pittcon Conference and Expo is renowned for innovation and bringing delegates and exhibitors the very latest in all aspects of scientific enterprise. Now, at Pittcon 2013 in Philadelphia, Synthesis Media are presenting an innovative way for companies to maximise the impact of their products, not just for Pittcon, but in perpetuity!  

The concept is simplicity itself, but the ramifications are manyfold. At Pittcon, Synthesis Media can produce a complete video package of your key Pittcon products, which includes a professional voice-over, to focus on the message you want to send to the scientific community. This package can also include pan shots of your booth and even your crew (if required!) - delivering instant customer recognition.

The completed video will be featured on Laboratorytalk’s Pittcon channel (as well as Youtube and Vimeo) and will thus provide an excellent introduction to your booth and your company's products. The whole process is straightforward and need not distract from your principal Pittcon activities.

Marketing Maanager, Andrew Long comments on why the service is such a big hit with exhibiting companies.

"Not everyone is comfortable with an 'interview' type format in video. A lot of booth personnel we talk to just don't want to get in front of the camera and feel that product video should be about products and not neccesarily about the people selling them. This is why we've had a lot of success with the booth video service. The videos are short, professionally shot and give potential buyers the main key points about the product and its main applications. This seems to be a winner all round."

The company is also adding a fair bit of added value for Pittcon exhibitors. Synthesis Media, own and run Laboratorytalk, a leading scientific news and resources website and the Pittcon package includes some valuable coverage on the site for no extra cost.

"Laboratorytalk is one of the largest websites for scientific content and has been established for over twelve years. As a bonus, we'll not only give exhibitors full rights to use the video where they wish, but we'll also show it on related content and the Pittcon channel on"

"It is also in the mind of the videographer that they should shoot your products to provide a permanent clip for your own website or promotional needs. This means, in effect, that you are getting a video production service, coming to you, without the complications of setting up separate costly booking arrangements or editing time. It’s all done while you are at Pittcon and you will receive either the embed code from YouTube or the raw video file just a few days after you get back to the office," Andrew concludes.

This service is provided for only $595 and details can be found on the Pittcon website. The service includes full rights and the additional exposure mentioned. Plus it also entitles you to your own page on and related product pages across the site.

You could say that Synthesis Media and Laboratorytalk are providing ways for you to get even more out of Pittcon 2013.