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Bomb Proof Safety System

Press release May 31, 2010 Humanitary

The Vorsphere Containment Units are popular amongst Security Services, Police, Demining, Military, Airports and in the Civilian Environment. Innovative & Entrepreneurial Businesses are lining up to promote, endorse and support the use of the Vorsphere range of Containment Units in civilian, commercial and war torn locations. Businesses and Entrepreneurs are collaborating with Airolusion on multiple innovative applications of the Vorsphere.

Protecting employees in Industry, minimising the threat caused by terrorists, providing a lightweight, cost effective, reusable IED and mine clearance system and ensuring those who need the Vorsphere Bomb Proof Containment Units will be able to obtain them. 

Cost effective and Re-useable Bomb Proof Containment has been a long sought after objective. Literally, thousands upon thousands of people have and are being killed and maimed while the illusive solution has remained undiscovered.

The Vorsphere Bomb / Blast Proof Containment range has been under development for many years and has subsequently and ultimately realised this goal.

 Protecting Life and Limb

 Where life and limb are placed in jeopardy, technology must ensure it stays abreast of the threat. Neutralising, mitigating and containing the threat minimises its potential and maximising Security.

The ultimate objective is to protect lives. The secondary objective is to protect operational staff. The third objective is to Mitigate and Neutralise the threat.

 Mitigating and Neutralising the Threat

 To Mitigate & Neutralise the Threat presented by an explosive device it is necessary to lesson and reduce its effect.   

There are expensive and costly technologies developed to destroy and detonate explosive devices in situ.

The Vorsphere range provides a cost effective, reusable option. They can be used manually, with extended manipulators or with ROV’s. 

They can be operated in any terrain and can be used to store, remove or detonate a wide range of explosive devices without causing harm or contamination.

 Application, Functionality, Cost and Outcome

 The Vorsphere Blast Proof Containment Units have an assortment of industry, Civilian and Military applications. 

They can be utilised in any environment, location or situation.

The Vorsphere range fits any budget.

The Vorsphere offers:

A Clean environment, soil and water supplies remaining uncontaminated

A Reusable apparatus and system that can be re-used over and over again

A Storage facility offering a safe explosive storage capability

Safely Transport aboard any mode of transport, explosive devices for removal and safe detonation

Safely contain explosive devices with capacities up to and in excess of 8 kg of TNT

 In Conclusion

 The Military, Police, Airports, Civilian and even in Industry we come across items that have the potential to explode.

Some things explode because they get too hot.

Some explode, because they are mixed or placed with other substances.

Some are waiting to be touched or trodden on.

Others are sent, dropped or placed to cause injury and death.

Unfortunately, the speed at which new and more dangerous explosive devices are developed far outstrips the technology developed to mitigate and neutralise them.

The Vorsphere range offers a unique system, capable of being re- used on an indefinite basis, used in any situation, with multiple sizes and capacities and provided on a bespoke basis to suit requirement and cost effectiveness.   

 Order your purpose built Units directly from the developers.

Buy any of the range of standard and or bespoke Vorsphere’s directly from the designers:-

 Airolusion Ltd of the United Kingdom on a global basis.

Address: Airolusion Ltd, The Plaza, 100 Old Hall Street, Liverpool. L3 9QJ United Kingdom.

Contact Tel: 00 44 (0)560 259 4162

Email:  [email protected]