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Press release May 26, 2009 Construction

New models for small and medium applications.

081404166B BOMAG BF 300

BOMAG has today announced a new asphalt paver to compete in the 7-8 tonne class. Continuing the family design of the BF 600, deliveries of which to end users begin in July, the new BF 300 series offers the most flexible paver on the market, not least due to its unbeatable narrow transport width.

The models in the BF 300 series replace the BF 331 paver. Whereas the latter was only available as a wheeled paver with gas powered screed, the BF 300 range comes as a complete asphalt paver range with both tracked and wheeled pavers in 2-wheel, 4-wheel and 6-wheel drive configurations. Both tracked and wheeled versions are available with vibrating only or combination tamping and vibrating gas or electric heated screeds. The new screed is heavier than its predecessor guaranteeing pre-compaction of 88 to 91 percent.

During the development of the BF 300 range the Bomag engineers focused in particular on a new concept for the basic screed creating a new design in this class. This range offers basic widths of 1.70m to 3.40m and these can be extended to 4m with two bolt-on extension boxes. The special features of this screed are; Firstly, the basic screed can be extended hydraulically by up to 100 per cent - a big advantage for easy operation and speed of work on-site. Secondly, as the only paver on the market with a narrow 2.50m transport width with the bolt on extension boxes on, the unit can be easily transported from one site to another without having to take them off. The electric screed also has moulded heating elements that provide better heat distribution whilst simultaneously preventing corrosion of the heating rods. Heat-up time is just 20 to 30 minutes from cold.

The new hydraulic system is economical and environmentally friendly as lower running costs and environmental protection were on the list of essential requirements for the engineers. The BOMAG ECOMODE machine management system saves fuel, as does the low-consumption Kubota engine. The hydraulic system of the new paver has also been redesigned with the aim of increasing efficiency and lowering fuel consumption. This was achieved by eliminating a range of flow dividers which are known to be a drain on energy. Ancillary pumps are now used instead of flow dividers; these directly supply extra functions such as the control unit and front wheel drive. The electrical system has a single control and fuse box, conveniently housed in a single accessible box, make servicing and maintenance quick and easy.

The experienced Bomag engineers have ensured even material flow and uniform placement with high levels of asphalt pre-compaction. The hopper, with independently controlled sides, on the BF 300 finisher can hold 4.8m3 of asphalt, a real achievement in this weight class. The conveyor chains are independently controlled and reversible, as are the augers. The auger sensors can be controlled from the remote control boxes on the screed operator station. This not only provides greater comfort but also an even flow of material.

Ease of operation and safety were at the forefront in the planning of the operator's platform. The successful design of the BF 600 models has been applied to this driver's station. The intuitive operating console can rotate and the operator's platform also has the patented SideView System whereby the entire operator's platform can be shifted to one side or the other to give the best view of the site. The hard cover folding canopy with integrated quadruple lighting provides very good visibility even at night.

In the UK the BF300 is available with a 2 year parts and service warranty and 0% finance through Bomag Finance until the end of September 2009.


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