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Bingo Widower Hits Out

Press release March 25, 2010 Family

The UK’s first ‘bingo widower’ has told how being neglected by his bingo mad wife led him to launch a support group for others in a similar position.

Freddy Benson, 36, launched the ‘Bingo Widowers’ Support Group’ on facebook earlier this year, after he realised that with millions playing worldwide he couldn’t be the only bingo widower out there.

Freddy’s problems started two years ago after his wife began having fun playing bingo online. She now spends her free time competing for cash prizes, leaving Freddy all alone.

He recalls: “I was getting sick of being ignored by my wife whilst she played games online and thought I couldn’t be the only person who felt like this.

“The final straw came when I tried to heat up a meal and blew up the microwave, who knew you weren’t supposed to leave the foil on?

“As I stood their covered in a lukewarm tikka masala, coughing from the smoke, I decided things had to change for good. I logged into facebook and started my own support page for men who were being ignored due to online bingo.”

Rob Hutchison, founder of says he can understand Freddy’s frustrations but doesn’t believe a love of online bingo has to end this way.

Mr Hutchison said: “I can see why Freddy is upset; nobody likes being ignored. However, our site has over 200,000 members and I’ve only ever heard a couple of complaints from ‘bingo widowers.’

“I think what Freddy is doing is great and I hope he can help improve the lives of other bingo widowers out there. Having had a look at the group myself I’ve managed to pick up a few useful domestic tips.”

Since launching the page over 50 other bingo widowers have joined the group and Freddy says he’s optimistic about his future as a bingo widower.

He said: “Sure it’s tough but you’ve got to just get on with things. Thanks to advice from other bingo widowers out there my clothes no longer smell, the house is a lot tidier and I’ve even learned how to cook complex meals like tuna pasta and spaghetti bolognese.

“Some say I’m a hero for what I’ve done but I’m just happy to help.”

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