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Bingo Website’s Campaign Is Global News Story

Press release March 3, 2010 PR

A website’s campaign to protect traditional bingo calls has been backed by thousands of fans and made headlines across the world. launched the online campaign shortly before Christmas after a council called for phrases such as “two fat ladies” to be banned in case it causes offence to large ladies.

John Sayers, ex Mayor of Sudbury Council in Suffolk, told bingo callers not to use any phrase which could cause offence such as “legs eleven”.

His ruling caused astonishment with players everywhere and one of the UK’s largest bingo sites acted quickly to protect our bingo heritage.

The site asked their 200,000 members to sign up to a petition defending the traditional cries beloved by bingo fans everywhere.

And more than 3000 have already signed up with bingo fans from across the globe registering their support.

The petition has been picked up by the press and site founder Rob Hutchison has been quoted by the BBC, Daily Mail, Daily Express and The Sun as well as on news sites as far away as Melbourne, Australia.

Rob has said his target is to reach 10,000 signatures and then to deliver his petition to Sudbury Council’s offices.

He said: “Generations of bingo fans have used these sayings and there great fun. The call of ‘two fat ladies’ in bingo is part of our vernacular and our heritage.

“It’s worth sticking up for, before we get some council diktat saying it’s derogatory to overweight customers. At the end of the day, fat is fat. We’re living in a PC world these days, and I don’t mean the computer store.

“I’m sure any ladies of larger size who go to bingo don’t find it insulting, but take it in the affectionate spirit in which it’s meant. What’s the alternative: ’two generously proportioned people of either gender?’ It’s not very snappy. Hopefully, if the PC mob descend on our bingo halls, we’ll be able to say that the number in favour is far greater than the number complaining, and we have the votes to prove it.”

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