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Bingo Moves Upmarket

Press release March 25, 2010 Lifestyle

Bingo has moved upmarket with players now more likely to be called Miranda and Fiona than Joan or Betty.

The rise in online bingo has meant the game has shed its traditional chips and lager image as players no longer need to congregate in crowded bingo halls to get their fix of the game.

For the first year ever 2010 will see more players enjoy bingo in the comfort of their own homes than in all the clubs and bingo halls in Britain.

Now one of the UK’s leading sites, the 200,000 member, has revealed its top ten list of registered members first names.

Unsurprisingly all are female – with women still making up more than 90% of bingo players.

But more surprising is the prevalence of middle class Christian names, perhaps more associated with country pursuits then the joys of Housey Housey.

The most common registered names are:             

  1. Emma
  2. Claire
  3. Victoria
  4. Helen
  5. Sarah
  6. Julie / Julia
  7. Fiona
  8. Emily
  9. Miranda
  10. Elizabeth / Liz / Betty

The site’s Rob Hutchison said: “It’s interesting to see how bingo players are changing. The game has really shed its traditional image and is becoming increasingly universal.”



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