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Bingo Lovers Beware!

Press release March 3, 2010 Lifestyle

ONLINE bingo players in the UK are being warned to stick to well-established sites – or risk losing their cash.

Players who have recently signed up at virtual clubs like Churchill Bingo, Bulldog Bingo and Bingo Boat need to be aware that some network issues with Interactive PlayNet and YouGotBingo recently came to light. It’s emerged that Cyprus-based Interactive PlayNet, the software provider for the YouGotBingo network, has gone bust.

If you have money remaining in your account for any of the following sites - that were all on the YouGotBingo network - then you will need to send an email to [email protected] for help and advice as to how to collect it. The sites are: Rainbow Bingo, Exotic Bingo, Happy Days Bingo, Blind Date Bingo, Comedy Bing, Emerald Bingo, Sunset Strip Bingo, Bingo Boat, Starlight Bingo, Churchill Bingo, Skippy Bingo, You Got Bingo, Fun Bingo and Bulldog Bingo.

There are now hundreds and hundreds of bingo sites to choose from and visitors could be forgiven for being lured by promises of big money wins, prizes, competitions, bonuses, games and gimmicks galore. But don’t unwittingly ‘play the lottery’ with the cash in your account that’s rightfully yours. Users shouldn’t rush to become affiliates of little-known sites, say experts in the industry.

It’s never a good idea to wander off and start playing online bingo on sites you haven’t previously heard of or that you can’t find any background information on - this is not a promising sign. Stay with the big name bingo sites like and you will be safe in the knowledge that they come with a tried-and-tested assurance on the sites featured, a bingo pay out guarantee and a mediating process should any unresolved differences arise. But remember: however good the site, all solid online security starts with you, the user. Always be vigilant and think before you click.

Rob Hutchison, of, said: “This latest disappointment goes to show that you need to think it through before you register with a new site. Players should be aware of the risks attached to newcomers, even with larger operators. It will pay – literally – to stick to secure, reputable sites that have been around for a while and proved themselves. One of the benefits of coming to a site like ours is that you know the clubs we include are reliable. We are in partnership with the best UK online bingo sites.”


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