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Bingo Chiefs Hope Spring Doesn’t Melt Membership Numbers

Press release March 25, 2010 Lifestyle

Online bingo supremos across the UK are hoping that the onset of spring doesn’t result in a fall in online registrations.

After reporting record numbers of new memberships over the past six months perhaps caused by one of the bleakest winters for many decades, website bosses are hoping that the success of online bingo continues as Brits awake from their hibernation.

Spring, a season associated with melting snow, rising temperatures and longer days has for many years been the bane of bingo sites, as potential members choose to venture outside rather than stay indoors with their laptop. Now the first signs of spring are appearing, bingo bosses are hoping they don’t face a slowdown in sign-ups as bingo fans migrate back to their natural habitat - the bingo hall.

Online bingo has seen a rise in popularity due to the flexibility it affords players, who are able to log in for a game whenever and wherever they want. Recently hundreds of thousands of Brits have decided against a treacherous winter walk to their local hall, choosing instead to play indoors online.

Now bingo bosses are hoping that gamers continue to have fun playing online for the chance to win big money prizes, with more games than ever available to UK bingoers.

Rob Hutchison, founder of which has over 200,000 members, believes that whilst the big freeze has played a role in the recent surge in applications, online bingo is able to offer a lot more than just a comfortable gaming experience.

He said: “There’s no doubt that the weather over the last few months has helped boost memberships as thousands choose to enjoy their hobby indoors. However, online bingo offers many additional benefits including the chance to play when and where you want, socialise with other bingo fans and win bigger cash prizes and bonuses than can be found offline.

“I think most our members would prefer to play in their own home with some nice food and a glass of wine rather than with a flat Boddingtons and a lukewarm chicken pie down the local hall. For those who do want to enjoy the sunshine and at the same time have a game of bingo there’s always the option to play in the garden on a laptop.”

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