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Bingo And The City

Press release June 11, 2010 Lifestyle

Women across the UK are signing up to bingo websites on mass in an attempt to win the cash needed to enjoy a Sex And The City lifestyle.

Sex And The City 2, which launched last week, follows the fortunes of four glamorous New York socialites in a world of wealth and fashion.

However, with over £7m spent on the film’s clothing budget alone, many women simply don’t have enough cash to emulate their on screen idols, choosing to play online bingo in the hope of winning enough money to turn their fantasy into a reality.

Once a game for the blue rinse brigade, bingo has shaken off its frumpy image in recent years with the average played now just 26 years old. The smoke and still beer has been replaced by skirts and stilettos.

Carrie Bradshaw, the film’s leading lady is often seen sat with her laptop and a glass of wine with many women choosing to follow suit, playing online for big cash prizes.

Rob Hutchison, founder of bingo comparison website, which has over 200,000 members, wishes players every success in winning the cash they’re dreaming of.

Mr Hutchison said: “Online bingo is a fun hobby but when you can win thousands of pounds without leaving your home this just adds to the excitement.

“Bigger prizes are available online than can be found down the local hall, ranging from a few pounds to hundreds of thousand. Most sites are free to join and offer bonuses to new members, making it great fun to get started.

”I love hearing from people who have won big telling us what they’ve spent the money on. Like the SATC girls most spend their cash on clothes, cars and holidays and it’s great that we can help people enjoy themselves that little bit more.”

Mr Hutchison believes online bingo is fast becoming the social activity of choice amongst glamorous young women, with groups of females choosing to play together online.

He explained: “I think one of the main reasons women are turning to bingo is that it has a greater social element that other games.

 “Many of our members have written in to tell of themed SATC bingo nights where they’ve all dressed up and played together with a few glasses of champagne.

“It’s great they can all have fun and hopefully if they’re lucky they’ll win some money too.”

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