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Bingo Addicts Take Hobby Abroad

Press release July 15, 2010 Lifestyle

Thousands of Brits are turning their backs on organised holiday trips choosing instead to spend their time abroad playing online bingo.

Tourism companies have reported a fall in excursion sales as hooked holiday makers ditch pre-arranged events to play their favourite game.

Bingo obsessed Brits are even thought to be choosing holiday destinations based on their quality of internet connection to ensure that big money games are only ever a click away.

Online bingo has never been more popular. Players can win bigger cash prizes than can be found down the local hall, playing whenever and wherever they want.

Now the obsession is going international with money mad tourists checking in and logging on at holiday destinations across the globe.

Rob HUtchison founder of bingo comparison website, which has over 200,000 members, believes a relaxing game of bingo on the beach is a great way to enjoy a holiday.

Mr Hutchison said: “When you ask people why they go on holiday usually the answer is to enjoy some sun and relax away from the stresses of everyday Britain.

“I wasn’t at all surprised to learn that many of our members were still logging on for a game even when they were on holiday. It’s great to unwind but doing so with the chance of winning some cash is even better.

“The biggest advantage of online bingo over traditional bingo is that you can play when and where you want. It could by eyes down in Egypt or two fat ladies in Tunisia, all you need is an internet connection to play your favourite game.

“One of our members told us that every morning of her holiday she’d gone down to the pool with her laptop, logged on for a few quick games, then crept back to the room before her husband woke up.

“For some people there’s nothing better than an early morning bingo fix.”

Mr Hutchison does however have some words of caution for anyone looking forward to a foreign bingo frenzy.

He said: “Make sure you’re not too near the pool or sea when playing, we’ve had reports from some of our members who’ve celebrated a big win only to ruin their laptop by dropping it in the water.

“Also, be prepared to receive some dodgy looks from the locals baffled by the pasty Brit shouting ‘HOUSE’ at the top of their lungs.”

“Finally, under no circumstances leave your laptop out in the sun all day. Whilst you might win some huge cash prizes the joy will be short lived if you have to spend some of the money on a new laptop.”


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