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Bill Brown Roll Up Beds Now Back In Stock At By Nature Organic Bedding Company

Press release December 3, 2012 Homes & Gardens

Leading Online Organic Bedding Firm Pleased To Announce Arrival Of New Bill Brown Stock

The natural products of Bill Brown have been popular ever since Bill founded his company in 1997 and have been a big seller at By Nature, the leading online Organic Bedding specialists since 2005 when Annabelle and Graham Randles formed their own ethical online business.

Available in both Single and Double size, the Bill Brown Roll Up Bed has been much sought after and prized as perfect guest beds for the Holiday season.

“They are so ttylish, compact and comfortable,” says Annabelle, “and they have as many uses as you can think of! Bright and colourful they are perfect for adults and children. Easy to carry, it can be used outdoors or as a guest bed, and are a great alternative to inflatable beds.”

The roll-up beds are handmade from high quality hand woven cotton using natural colourfast dyes, and filled with man-made fibres. Sizes are - Single: 183cm (6') long x 77cm (2' 7") wide x 5cm (2'') thick; Double; 183cm (6') long x 122cm wide (4') x 5cm

By Nature, purveyors of Organic Bed Linen and many other ethical products such as clothing, fashion, gardening and furnishings, stock Bill Brown designs because they are made from natural products such as hand loom cotton, linen, canvas, coconut shells, wood, and hessian jute. Their fabric dying process is environmentally friendly. Most designs can be machine washed on a "delicate" setting.

The Bill Brown head office is based on a farm on the South Downs in West Sussex, with the factory and staff located in Kerala a province of south west India, a region renowned for its textiles industry & economic prosperity.

The factory was founded in 1939 as a Handloom fabrics manufacturing unit. The textiles have Skal International Certificates for the delivery of sustainable textile products. The colours / dyes used are Azo free and processed at a very efficient pollution treatment plant. The treated effluent is used for watering the coconut farm.

“The Bill Brown factory is an SA 8000 certified company (Social Accountability),” says Annabelle. “This prohibits child and forced labour and guarantees the workers the right to bargain, making sure that they will be paid the wages as per government rules. Working hours are restricted to 8 hours in a day and maximum 48 hours in a week. All workers are covered under a Health Insurance scheme.”

The Bill Brown Roll Up Bed can be fitted out with any of the Bynature bed linen range for those who desire the pleasure of extra soft organic cotton sheets.

“Organic bedding always brings an extra touch of luxury to the bedroom. Eco-textiles and organic bedding have no chemical treatment that can be detrimental to health and bring on allergies. Softer to the skin, organic textiles are also extremely comfortable for an added touch of cosiness for anyone’s night of sleep. Silk bedding is also hypoallergenic and great for people suffering from allergies.”

About By Nature:

By Nature is an online retailer specialising in organic and ethical products. The store offers a wide selection of products such as eco fashion, bath and bed products, gardening, dining, children etc.

By Nature is more than just a shop - it's about aspiring to a certain way of life: a lifestyle that combines a desire for style and quality with care for the environment and respect for people; a lifestyle that doesn't see this as a compromise; an "ethical lifestyle." 

When selecting their products Annabelle and Graham consider both care for the environment and respect for the people producing them, giving as much thought to how those products were made as to how they look.

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