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Biju launches Beehive the contemporary knotted pendant lamp

Press release June 29, 2012 Homes & Gardens

Beehive Contemporary Lighting

The Beehive Pendant Light is the latest addition to Biju Home's collection of contemporary artisan lighting.

Showcasing a highly original use of traditional craft skills and inspirational contemporary design, The Beehive Light has a distinctive organic texture and structure.

The Beehive Pendant Lamp in 2 colours

The Beehive marries the warmth and texture of handmade natural materials with an arresting organic shape. When lit, the looping honeycomb structure creates delicate patterns of light and shade.

Every light is handmade and carries the signature style of the individual craftswoman. The honeycomb structure is constructed from very strong cords of unbleached recycled paper, all hand rolled.

Beehive Pendant Light in mineral black

Available in two colours - mineral black, and a mix of pale brown & mineral black.
Ht: 60cm Dr:35cm
Cost: £225

Includes 1 metre of black lighting cord.
60 watt bulb

Eco responsible production.


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