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Press release September 13, 2016

Global economy is rising but so is global competition

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When an organisation chooses to register several employees for a course, new knowledge and tools are imbedded much faster in the organisation. In other words, it might turn out to be profitable to register more employees at the same time. 

Global economy is rising but so is global competition. It is now imperative to be at the forefront of developing new initiatives, to be able to compete with countries that grow rapidly, such as India and China.

However, if an organisation is to develop and grow, the entire organisation must be equipped for creating change, new strategies and results. Becoming equipped for this, does not come by itself, it demands a targeted management education that focuses on above-mentioned aspects.

Supplementary education is an investment

When an organisation chooses to register several employees for a management education, it is not only because of spotted talent. It is also an expression of the organisation wanting to let the newly acquired knowledge trickle down on the rest of the staff and influence both strategy and bottom-line positively. Basically, it is perceived as an investment with a yield - preferably a quick one.

It is commonly known, that one of the great benefits of registering for a management education, is the new professional network between course participants. All are extremely motivated and aim at getting the best possible outcome of the education.

Swift implementation

Today, many experts argue for the benefit and contribution of supplementary education when you are given the opportunity to apply new knowledge directly to your work, early in the educational process. However, it might be a long and arduous process to begin new initiatives and ways of working, if you are the only employee with the required skills to complete the process.

It is indeed advantageous to register several employees from a company for the same education. The implementation of new tools and initiatives are implemented faster as there are now more employees equipped for the task. A larger yet single investment will yield faster results and improve an organisation's competitiveness.

Probana's Mini MBA is without comparison the most popular and renowned management education in Europe. The Mini MBA is aimed at CEOs, mid-level leaders, project supervisors and other key employees. More than 35,000 business professionals have signed up for the education over the years.

We are convinced that a Mini MBA from Probana is not only a good investment, but also a good example of how an organisation or company can be infused with new energy and growth.


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