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Be Constructive about Construction

Press release June 17, 2010 Construction

It cannot be ignored that construction certainly plays the villain in this world – but there is no getting away from the fact that it is an industrial world that we live in – and so there will always be the need to build, we just have to reeducate ourselves on how to do it the right way.

The construction industry isn’t something one would usually relate to being kind to the planet.  In fact many of the activities involved in new builds, renovation or even DIY would make any environmentalist wince with the knowledge of the effects on the environment.

The dying financial state of the nation triggered a decline in construction, and some may believe this to be a blessing in disguise.  Including 53-year-old Heather, resistant of Greater London, who comments on her surrounding neighbourhood ‘I find it difficult waking up to the noise of construction – let alone seeing more huge buildings block out my light.’

Bricklayer, Jeff of Essex shares his side to the construction argument ‘I won’t lie it has been difficult to survive on such little work – and I am really grateful that things are picking up.  The environment isn’t something that has really bothered me in the past, now I have a baby daughter I do see things differently – but it is not always easy to be good to the environment when you have to use certain materials in your trade!’

Gordon Pirret of International Petroleum Products Ltd, believes that the answer lies in the products ‘There has to be environmentally-friendly products available to the traders, retailers and to the industry as a whole.’  Gordon has developed an eco-friendly concrete remover, which launches in June 2010, and is the first UK-based product of its kind.

‘Concrete will always be used, and so it will always need to be removed or cleaned from surfaces – if this can be done safely without damaging equipment, and more importantly the environment, then I feel that Duzz is a mini break through within the world of construction!’

Duzz is ecologically friendly, and even has a recyclable container. The product is non-hazardous, and non-fuming. The runoff water has been measured at a pH neutral level of 6.5, and completely complies with the Environmental Protection Act.

The construction industry is slowly but surely creeping back, but this doesn’t have to mean more damage to the environment!