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Barbara Rodgers, Georgia Mother, Mentor, Author, Follows President's Vision - Shares a Lesson to African American Youth, Parents, & Grandparent

Press release August 12, 2009 Family

Middle Georgia Author, Mentor, Barbara T. Rodgers, celebrated the release of her book, Are You Smarter Than A Slave- A Lesson for the Next Generation at the AME Leadership Congress. Rodgers shared a 1850’s African American History Lesson for Today’s Youth, Parents, & Grandparents.

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Barbara Rodgersa Macon, Georgia Author, Mother, and Mentor to the Next Generation African American and Canadian celebrated the release of her initial African American History Lesson at the July 2009 6th African Methodist Episcopal (AME) District Leadership and Ministry Congress. Her book titled “Are You Smarter Than A Slave- A Lesson for the Next Generation”, published by Atlanta based Asta Publications, is an African American Development lesson written for 5th Graders as well as their parents and grandparents.

Barbara Rodgers, a well respected and veteran speaker exhibited her book’s content such as the Flying Geese,Cross Roads, and North Starto an enthusiastic crowd of senior AME Religious Leaders, Ministers, and devout AME parishioners throughout the State of Georgia. The presentations theme was focused on communication tools adopted in the 1800’s by Slaves who escaped from the South to the North and Canada for freedom.

“I appreciate the opportunity to share my story with the 6th African Methodist Episcopal District conference” says Barbara Rodgers, a Summerfield Community, Georgia resident.

“I know my message is compelling after listening to President Obama’s international call for self improvement. I see my presentation and book as one of many rungs in the African American community ladder climb to self-reliance” explains Barbara Rodgers.

The book “Are You Smarter Than A Slave- A Lesson for the Next Generation” went on sale in June and is available locally in Asia, Latin America, United States, Europe and Canada. It is immediate available at their retail partners:


About the Author:

Barbara Tolliver Rodgers has been a highly sought speaker and generous mentor of African American youth for decades. She developed the concept for this book during a mentor session of African American kids at a Bibb County School System during school calendar year 2008. Interested parties may view our previous religious, non-profit, K-6, and undergraduate speaking details at our website, or ....

Their e-mail address is [email protected].

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