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Bankers and Builders Prepare To Join Drag Act

Press release October 20, 2009 Business

A female impersonator who advertised for an apprentice drag queen to work at his bar in the Canary Islands was shocked when he received almost one thousand applications.

Titti Trollop – real name Paul Carroll – believes the recession in the UK has led to many men considering careers they would never have contemplated before – such as taking to the stage in drag.

He is the owner and star of The Music Hall Tavern - a well known tourist attraction in Lanzarote which provides entertainment for hundreds of UK holidaymakers every week of the year.

Earlier this year he posted an advert in job centres across Britain and went on to BBC national radio to talk about his search for an apprentice drag queen to join his show. 

But the flood of applications which came into his website far exceeded his expectations.

Now Paul, originally from Manchester, has told of his surprise after wading through more than 900 applications – with more coming in every day.

He said: “When I advertised for an apprentice to join the show I thought I might get a handful of applicants. I never believed in my wildest dreams we would be flooded like we have been.

“There has been a steady flow from all over the UK and Ireland right from the start and after I went onto BBC radio to talk about it I was bombarded with more applications.

 “I think the recession at home has played a big part. We have had applications from every walk of life. From builders to bankers who have lost their jobs. Most of them are single guys but a few have been married with families. It’s been unbelievable.

 “I think they have been attracted to the chance to work with me because it must represent a total escape from the routine. If you have just been made redundant in Britain and perhaps you’re feeling a bit down and depressed with the grey skies and the British winter ahead, then the chance to come out here to the sunshine can’t be too bad.

“We get our sequined frocks and our high heels on and give the punters songs like Mama Mia and loads of other great hits. We have a great laugh and we’re like a family. We really support one another. It is a fab job for someone with a good voice and a great pair of legs.”

He added that after receiving far more applications than he had expected he was now considering holding regional auditions at centres across Britain and Ireland.

He said: “Some great people have taken the time and trouble to apply to join our show and I think it’d be rude to dismiss any of them out of hand. It seems only fair to me to give each and every one of them the chance to audition so that’s what I’m hoping to do.

“I’m planning to organise regional heats across Britain and then finally invite a few shortlisted performers out to Lanzarote to perform at the Tavern and see how popular they are with the punters. It’s a fantastic opportunity for someone and I’m sure we’ll all have a lot of fun together.”



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